Frequently Asked Questions

When I place an order with S-Trend, when should I expect to receive my order?
Once all pre-production artwork is approved you can expect to receive your order within 4 weeks. If you need it for a specific date, please let your sales representative know and we will work with you to achieve your delivery date.

Once I place my order, how can I find out how it is going?
Unlike other custom sportswear companies, S-Trend wholly own and manage our won production facility and have implemented a revolutionary tracking system for our customers. You can track your order as it moves through our production facility so you know where it is every step of the way!
Once it is ready to ship from our production facility you will then be given the shipping details so you know what date it will be delivered!

What are the minimum order amounts for ordering through S-Trend?
There are no minimums, but as you can expect, ordering under 5 item’s is more costly due to the specialised nature of setting up. We recommend purchasing minimums of 5 for your initial order.

I need custom sportswear in 2 weeks, can S-Trend help?
Maybe! We do offer an express turnaround depending on production capacity; however this can incur a 30% express delivery fee. This express service is only recommended for existing styles.

Once I have placed an order, can I order top ups?
Yes, top up orders are very easy to do and even single items can be ordered as a top up. To complete a repeat order simply log in to the S-Trend website and click on the repeat order tab to the left. Watch the repeat order video to see how easy it is.

Does it cost extra to set up an online store?
No! This great feature happens for all our clients. You can choose what items are able to be purchased and which ones won’t!

Will the S-Trend logo be on my sportswear?
In almost all cases, yes it will. The S-Trend logo is a direct reflection of our brand and the high quality that we ensure is reflected in every garment.
Schools and sporting organisations that enter into a supply agreement

Will I be charged for artwork?
S-Trend endeavours to provide you with unique and custom designs. We can replicate your current design, providing it is owned by the club or you can use one of our many stock designs. For unique custom designs, for orders of fewer than 16 units, you may incur a design fee of $50.00+GST.
If you require logos to be added to your sportswear and do not have the logo in the required vector format, we can re-draw it at a cost of $20.00+GST.

Can I expect colour consistency if I order something now and then again in 3 years?
Yes! S-Trend prides itself on its colour consistency and uses stringent quality control procedures to ensure your colour is consistent through all sublimated, dyed fabrics and yarn dyed items! Every time you order with S-Trend a master sample is stored to compare with any future orders to ensure you get what you want every time!

Where does S-Trend manufacture its sportswear?
S-Trend manufactures all our core sportswear items from our Australian owned facility in Ningbo, China. This state of the art facility is run by our highly qualified and experienced team of staff. Specialised items such as socks and caps may be made at external facility’s that are able to pass our high quality control standards as well as safety and community standards.
The S-Trend Production facility is ISO9001 certified.